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  2. For anyone arriving on this page after the 22nd of October: the forums are online at their new address and no further outage is expected. Forwarding has been put in place to ensure any old links still work, but please follow Bill's advice and update your links and bookmarks where you can.
  3. Hello all We are pleased to announce that we are transitioning to a new website (same www.tuflow.com address) over the next day or so which will change the URL to the forum. Whilst old URLs will be redirected, should you have any shortcuts to this forum it is recommended to change from the old link (https://www.tuflow.com/fvforum/) to the new link (https://fvforum.tuflow.com/) to maximise access speeds. The TUFLOW Wikis will not be affected by the changeover. Please note that during the transition the website and the forum will experience outages. Once the transition has completed we will make an announcement on this channel. Apologies for any inconvenience during the transition and we look forward to showing you our brand new website. Should you have any queries or experience any problems after the transition, please don't hesitate to contact support@tuflow.com. Best regards The TUFLOW Team
  4. Toby Devlin


    Hi Xixi, We have not compatibility tested the full toolbox on Matlab 2013b in quite some time. I can confirm that it works on 2017b - onward at this stage with certainty. However, that error makes it appear as though it is to do with the input datatype. It appears that one of the inputs is a cell array which is not expected. Its possible that whatever script is calling this function is treating variables in a different way in 2013b compared to 2019b. Do you require 2013b for a particular reason? or are you able to proceed using 2019b (or later)?
  5. Xixi


    Hi Toby I have errors when using the code 'ts_000_create_profile_file_WQ ' (tutorial provided by tuflow fv) in Matlab 2013b. It says: Undefined function 'fv_create_profiles' for input arguments of type 'cell'. Error in ts_000_create_profile_file_WQ (line 38) fv_create_profiles(tfv_resfile,out_name,output_sites,site_names); When I use it in Matlab 2019b it works. Could this error because of matlab version issue?
  6. Hi Xixi, Can you please try opening your .2dm in your preferred mesh generator, renumbering the mesh and saving it off. In SMS this can be done via the Nodes>>Renumber option. Whist this should only renumber the node order can you please check that your nodestrings remain in the same order just to be safe. It’s possible that previous edits to the mesh may have led to some ‘gaps’ between node numbers (for example skipping from node 10 to 14, rather than 10,11,12 ... etc) that in turn has affected the nodestring processing routines. By renumbering, these ‘gaps’ should be removed and the model should initialise correctly. We have put in a fix to better handle meshes that are not renumbered to avoid these types of issues in future and this will come out in the next release of TUFLOW FV. Thanks very much for sending in your query so we could fix it, we are most appreciative. Kind regards, Mitch.
  7. Hi Toby I have this error when I run my model. I created nodestrings in SMS however I have used shift key. The most strange thing is that this happens when I am trying to add some new nodestrings (e.g. nodestring 7,8,9), and then has the error for nodestring 1,exactly the same as you posted here. Do you have any idea about that? Thanks
  8. TUFLOW FV 2020.02 is a major update and launches TUFLOW FV’s GPU capable solver for the first time. This solver takes advantage of the massive parallelism offered by NVIDIA GPU cards, resulting in speed increases of up to 40x serial CPU. TUFLOW FV 2020.02 also includes numerous updates and enhancements. Key components of the release include: New GPU Solver to accelerate your simulations (available on Windows and Linux). New particle tracking tutorial module. New horizontal momentum and scalar mixing models. Particle restart file fixes. Numerous minor output and GIS fixes. For full information please consult our Release Notes available at: https://www.tuflow.com/Download/TUFLOW_FV/ReleaseNotes/TUFLOW_FV_Release_Notes_2020.pdf Software Download: https://www.tuflow.com/FV%20Latest%20Release.aspx If you have any queries concerning the release please don’t hesitate to get in contact at support@tuflow.com. Kind regards, Mitchell Smith - TUFLOW FV Product Lead
  9. Hi Jesper, For the external turbulence, wave and/or water quality libraries please contact support@tuflow.com and we can provide you with further information on how to get these setup. Kind regards, Mitch.
  10. I have similar issue. The simulated flowrate is greater than observed flowrate in some peak conditions.
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