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  2. TUFLOW FV 2020.03 We're proud to announce the arrival or our latest instalment TUFLOW FV 2020.03!!! 2020.03 is the second software update to TUFLOW FV 2020 and includes a range of useful new enhancements and features: New water quality Application Programming Interface (API) Bathymetric database structures Evapoconcentration and tracer age within the advection dispersion module New GPU command line run options A range of fixes and improvements 2020.03 Release Notes https://downloads.tuflow.com/TUFLOWFV/Release_Notes/TUFLOW_FV_Release_Notes_2020.pdf Software Download https://www.tuflow.com/downloads/#tuflow_fv If you have any queries or feedback please get in contact with us via support@tuflow.com and we'll be happy to help. Wishing you all the best with your modelling. Kind regards, Mitch.
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