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  1. Hi, I have defined a weir structure in the downstream of a lake, and a HQ boundary. But the results showed a sharp jump when the precipitation was 0.088m. But the observed data don't change so great (blue line-obs). Could you please give me some advise? Thanks. Best wishes. Lei
  2. Hi, The outlet of my simulated lake was a weir. When the water level was bigger than 130m, it wiil has outflow. I only define this weir in fvc file as follow: structure == Nodestring, 4 !Weir Flux function == weir !Weir flag Properties == 130,1.0 !Weir elevation, weir coeffecient end structure But when I run the model, only very small inflow can make the water level of lake increase sharply. So I suspect a problem with the weir. I need your help to define a outflow boundary as a weir. Thanks very much. Best wishes. Lei
  3. Hi, I am running the tuflow,but it displays the error: unable to open file:../output/ _H.dat. Could you please tell me the possible reason and how to solve it ?thanks Best wishes, Lei
  4. Hi, I want to run fuflow fv in a linux system, could you tell me how to do? And is there any hanbooks for the using of fuflow fv in linux system. Thanks. Best wishes, Lei
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