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  1. Thank you, that sounds just the job! As a side (but perhaps related) thought, might the FV manual be on the list for updating now the Classic manual has achieved release? Please?
  2. Hi folks, We're looking to start a simulation with one body of water (out of many) filled with tracer so we can see where it ends up as the simulation progresses. It's not apparent from the documentation that this is possible except globally; is there a way to do this this locally? Alternatively, is there something analogous to an SA boundary which could include tracer in an inflow over an area (so a small inflow in the first minute with large concentration of tracer, then nothing further for the rest of the simulation)? We currently have applied 11,000 cell boundaries, one for every cell in the area we're interested in! Which sort of works, but ends up with different concentrations in each cell as the element sizes vary (because they all they the same same small quantity of additional water with, with the same concentration of tracer, but have differing volumes of water already in the cells). Any advice or top tips greatly appreciated! I'm hoping we've just missed something in the currently available tool kit, but if this isn't currently possible, could it perhaps be made so? (That is, both setting initial conditions for tracers locally and being able to apply an SA type inflow complete with tracer). Thanks, PHA.
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