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  1. Hello, Is it necessary to use the isodate format when specifying boundary conditions that include atmospheric heat calculations? My simulation runs when using isodate, but when I try to run it using model hours (ie time format == hours) the following error is returned: t = 0.000000 hrs. dt = 0.000 / 0.000 s. elapsed time = 0.0 s. Writing H datfile output. t = 0.000000 hrs. Writing TEMP datfile output. t = 0.000000 hrs. Writing V datfile output. t = 0.000000 hrs. Writing TEMP datfile output. t = 0.000000 hrs. Writing V datfile output. t = 0.000000 hrs. Writing NETCDF output. t = 0.000000 hrs. ERROR: day_of_the_year requires tform == 1 ERROR-STACK:fvdomain_run:fvdomain_run_timestep:fvcell_turb:fvatmos_update:heat_sw:day_of_the_year requires tform == 1 In my bc file, I am specifying temperature (water), short wave radiation, long wave radiation, mean sea level pressure, rain, relative humidity, and air temperature. Wondering if maybe the heat transfer calculations require knowledge about the date and that is why it is returning the error when hours are used. Thanks!
  2. Hello, Can you please tell me what the proper format is for specifying the number of sigma layers in an FV control file (.fvc)? Appendix A in the FV user manual (pg 117) specifies 'Surface Sigma layers', but I have some example code that was provided by Tuflow staff that uses 'sigma layers'. Do both of these options work? The model runs with both, but I would like to verity neither is being ignored in the simulations. Thanks
  3. Thanks, Toby. I will create a cell elevation file, and adjust the relevant cells so that they are lower than the culvert inverts. Keith
  4. I am trying to model a culvert passing underneath a road/levee, and am wondering how the mesh cell elevations should be defined in relation to the culvert inverts at this location. Currently, my mesh elevations are representative of the road surface (approx 5.6 m) elevation, and my culvert inverts are specified in the culvert definition file at lower elevations (3.45 and 3.35 m for US and DS inverts, respectively). This generates the following warning when the model simulation initializes: 'Culvert upstream invert is less than ground elevation'. The simulation runs ok, but I would like to know if this is being represented correctly, or if the mesh elevations should be set at, or lower than, the culvert invert elevations. Attached figure should help clarify. Thanks DL_culvert_model.pdf
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