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    Hi Toby I have errors when using the code 'ts_000_create_profile_file_WQ ' (tutorial provided by tuflow fv) in Matlab 2013b. It says: Undefined function 'fv_create_profiles' for input arguments of type 'cell'. Error in ts_000_create_profile_file_WQ (line 38) fv_create_profiles(tfv_resfile,out_name,output_sites,site_names); When I use it in Matlab 2019b it works. Could this error because of matlab version issue?
  2. Hi Toby I have this error when I run my model. I created nodestrings in SMS however I have used shift key. The most strange thing is that this happens when I am trying to add some new nodestrings (e.g. nodestring 7,8,9), and then has the error for nodestring 1,exactly the same as you posted here. Do you have any idea about that? Thanks
  3. I have similar issue. The simulated flowrate is greater than observed flowrate in some peak conditions.
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