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    racquet sports, bike riding, good food, nature in general, relaxing in the shade on a hot day, looking out the window when I should be working...

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I graduated from the University of Queensland waaaaay back in 2008 with a bachelor in civil engineering. I decided to spend most of the following year travelling around South East Asia, Europe and the United States on the cheap. On my return I signed up with BMT WBM almost straight away (I was penniless with few other options...) and have worked for the man ever since. The end.

My time at work not spent on coffee / lunch breaks is mostly spent building numerical models, most of which are along some part of the Australian coastline. The greatest challenge and the work I find most interesting is building the models capable of simulating the dynamics of natural and dredged sediments. I also actively develop the Matlab toolbox with which we use to visualise and process TUFLOW-FV model results and all kinds of data. I manage to escape to the field a few times a year usually to chase dredgers around a Queensland port to collect data for impact assessments and model calibration / validation.

See you on the forum B)

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