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  1. Question: I have used a cell elevation file to specify the bathymetry, but when I open the .2dm geometry file in SMS I cannot visualise the bathymetry? Answer: If you have only used cell elevation files to specify the geometry (in the FCV file) and an elevation data source has not been associated with the mesh in SMS, the .2dm file will not include any elevation data. To view the geometry in SMS, you can output the parameter ZB (Bed Elevation) in SMS .dat format (output==dat) and read in as a scatter dataset instead of a data file attacthed to a .2dm geometry file.
  2. mvtroberts

    Mesh Generation

    Question: Which SMS modules do I need to build a TUFLOW FV mesh? I have an SMS license, but I'm not sure which modules are available? Answer: Open SMS and in the <Help> drop-down menu select <Register>. This will open a window with a list of SMS Components and their status (Enabled/Disabled). To view all possible components, untick the "Show only enabled components" box. To build a mesh you need the Mesh component AND the the Generic Model (Interface) component to be enabled. If the Mesh component is enabled, but the Generic Model is disabled, you can only view a mesh and associated results. Mat
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