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  1. I am applying a flow boundary condition to my TUFLOW FV model. This boundary represents inflow from a hydrological catchment model (which is separate to TUFLOW FV). This upstream inflow boundary includes a main channel and the left and right floodplains, which are obviously much shallower compared to the main channel. When I run the model with default settings in the fvc file for the Q boundary, I get very high velocities upon on the floodplain which don't look realistic. Why is this?
  2. Hi I am running a 2D HD simulation of TUFLOW FV using a restart file. My syntax for specifying this in the input fvc file is as follows: ! INITIAL CONDITIONS initial water level == 9.35736 Restart == river_97_7.1.0_v3(rerun1)_t115.rst The log file appears to be telling me that the restart file is being used, but I don't quite get what I expected when I look at the output. I am finding that I get a jump in velocities immediately after the first timestep. Does this mean that TUFLOW FV does not really use a full restart (with all the transient parameters, accelerations, etc)? Thanks for any assistance.
  3. Hi I downloaded the TUFLOW FV executable and dlls from the website, and I received my Wibu dongle. I plugged in the dongle, double clicked tuflowfv.exe and clicked return but I get this: When I then press enter again, the command prompt just disappears so I don't know if its worked or not. The tuflowfv log file suggests that it probably hasn't worked. I've attached it to this email so you can see it. Any ideas what's going on with it as I am very confused! Thanks
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