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Found 4 results

  1. Sometimes in the initialisation of a model you may come across this error: ERROR:fvdomain_construct:fvinitout:fvout_construct:process_nodestring:Nodestring 1, segment 1 does not correspond to any model face. This is caused when TUFLOWFV has found a nodestring between two nodes that do not also have a face between them. If you have created the nodestring within SMS then you may find that you have not held down the shift key while creating your nodestring (will automatically include all the nodes between the two that you click), if you dont do this then sms only includes the first node you clicked, and the second node you clicked in the nodestring. If you created an external nodestring through TUFLOWFV and you have had this error returned check whether or not you need to have the boundary flag then try adding more waypoints as a first start, if this fails to work please post here or contact TUFLOWFV support.
  2. During the process of converting the "map" into "mesh" and merging some of the triangles, SMS (11.2.11) removes some arcs ( to merge the triangles) but remains a few nodes which are related to the removed arcs. The nodes are eventually just connecting two arcs and will result in error in Tuflow as they create some invalid elements in the mesh. previously I had the same issue but it resolved when I used an older SMS version ( Can't recall what version I had at that time) Would you please advise which versions of SMS could be used? or alternatively if there is any other way to fix this issue. Regards, Hamid
  3. Guest

    2dm mesh file format

    The 2dm file format is used to define the TUFLOW FV mesh. It is an ASCII format from the SMS Generic Mesh Module (www.aquaveo.com). The contents of the file relevant to TUFLOW FV simulations (see also the example in the attached figure) are: Lines that commence with a “ND” are nodes, or the points that define the edges of the elements. Each ND line describes the node ID and its x, y and z (ie bed level) Lines that commence with an “E4Q” are quadrilateral (4 sided) elements. Each E4Q line describes the element ID, the four nodes that define its connectivity and spatial extent (in a counter-clockwise direction) and the material type. Similar to E4Q, the “E3T” lines are triangular elements. Each E3T line describes the element ID, the three nodes that define its connectivity and spatial extent (in a counter-clockwise direction) and the material type. Lines that commence with a “NS” are nodestrings, which are used to define boundary conditions. Each NS line defines the series of nodes that form the string, the last node number is assigned as negative. The number following the negative number is the nodestring ID. Other components of the 2dm file are not used by TUFLOW FV.
  4. Guest

    Sizing function in SMS

    Hi Check out an interesting forum discussion: http://forum.aquaveo.com/topic/1403-sizing-function/ This discussion details the use of sizing functions in mesh generation, where a paved mesh area can be generated where mesh transitions are controlled according to user specified constraints. Very handy. Chris
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