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Isodate format

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I am trying to run a model in the isodate format and get the following error when reading a boundary .csv file:

time format must be "dd/mm/yyyy HH:MM:SS" (or some truncation)
ERROR:fvdomain_construct:init_bc:fvbc_construct:init_bc_csv:csvread_r:error reading


The data should be in the correct format.  The first few lines of my .csv are below.  What will fix the issue?

01/11/2012 0:00,0.12781,0.36,15.168
01/11/2012 0:06,0.12781,0.36,15.168
01/11/2012 0:12,0.12781,0.36,15.168



The isodate should have leading zeroes for all two digit fields (day, month, hours, minutes and seconds).  In the example above the date component is correct, however, the hours are missing the leading zero.

The first line:

01/11/2012 0:00,0.12781,0.36,15.168


Should be:

01/11/2012 00:00,0.12781,0.36,15.168


You can use a custom format in excel to specify the leading zeros, I use:

dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm



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