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Corrupt Dat Results in SMS

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TUFLOW FV seems to be writing corrupt dat file results. The simulation successfully runs to completion. My point time series hydrograph results look sensible, meanwhile the dat result files which I view in SMS don't make sense at all. It doesn't show any resemblance to a flood surface at all??? Is there an error in the output command which I am specifying?


Output Dir == ..\output\
    output == datv
    output parameters == h,v,d
    output interval == 900.
end output





Your output commands are correct. I suspect the issue is caused by loading your dat results with the wrong geometry dataset (2dm).


When SMS loads a dat file it checks for compatibility with the underlying geometry data (2dm) by comparing the number of nodes and elements in both datasets. If the datasets have the same number, it will load the data without an error message. However, the results in the dat file will only view correctly if the element/node numbering is the same as it was when the TUFLOW FV simulation was undertaken.


Element numbering is altered if the mesh is renumbered "Nodestrings > Renumber...". Due to this, renumbering the 2dm file after your model simulation will make the geometry (2dm) and dat result file incompatible with one another. If you wish to view your results in SMS you will need to load them with the original 2dm geometry dataset that was referenced in the TUFLOW FV simulation  (Geometry 2D == XXX.2dm ).



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I've also had this problem (strange looking results) in SMS 11.1 with both TUFLOW and TUFLOW-FV.


Opening a new SMS window and reloading the mesh.2dm and result.dat files seems to fix it.

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