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Guest Ram

depth weighted release rules

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Guest Ram


How to specify a depth weighed outflow (or inflow) by using an element/cell (QC) boundary condition.  For an example, representing release from dams those rotate from vertical to horizontal, thereby varying the height of release (e.g. flap gates at Scrivener Dam)


This is very useful when extracting (or discharging) flows those have water quality (e.g. temperature, nutrients) varying with depth.    




Add two additional lines to the usual QC command block as shown below (additions are shown in blue bold font):


bc == QC,688435,6091807,  ..\..\bc\Outflows\Elements\damrelease.csv

bc header == Date,Q                                                               

vertical coordinate type == depth

vertical distribution == ..\..\bc\Outflows\Elements\release_rule.csv     !release rule

bc update dt == 3600.  

end bc     


Produce the depth weighted release rule (i.e. release_rule.csv in the example above) as shown below:








In this particular example, release is allowed only between 0 to 3m of the water level at equal weighting. 

Different release weightings can also be specified between different levels.     






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Thanks RAM


There are a few vertical coordinate type options for specifying the vertical distribution for a QC boundary condition, as detailed below.


Firstly, the default if no vertical distribution is specified is for a depth averaged inflow.


The basic bc control block syntax is:


bc == QC, x, y, bc_tsfile

  bc header == …

  vertical coordinate type == height ! other vertical coordinate options are <depth; elevation; sigma>

  vertical distribution == vdistrfil.csv

end bc


The vertical coordinate type can be DEPTH (below surface), HEIGHT (above sea bed), ELEVATION or SIGMA (0. at surface and 1. at seabed).


The vdistrfil.csv should have one column with the heading equivalent to the specified vertical coordinate type (e.g. HEIGHT) and one column with the heading WEIGHT.  The units of WEIGHT don’t matter as the distribution gets normalised.

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