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How do I get TUFLOW FV to run on my computer?

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I downloaded the TUFLOW FV executable and dlls from the website, and I received my Wibu dongle.
I plugged in the dongle, double clicked tuflowfv.exe and clicked return but I get this:
When I then press enter again, the command prompt just disappears so I don't know if its worked or not. The tuflowfv log file suggests that it probably hasn't worked. I've attached it to this email so you can see it.
Any ideas what's going on with it as I am very confused!

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Guest Chris Nielsen

If you don’t enter “tuflowfv.exe file.fvc” and just enter “tuflowfv.exe” (or double click) then it tells you the licencing setup. Looking at your image it appears you've got a year of TUFLOW FV licence, with HD, 3D, AD, MOR and MUD.


So if you setup a batch file, or type “tuflowfv.exe file.fvc” on a command line, or some of the other ways of running TUFLOW FV (see the manual), you should have a model run!

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