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Is there a maximum allowable number of elements in a model?

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Is there a maximum allowable number of elements in a model?



There is no limitation on the model element count.


Although there are no input limitations, there are some output constraints, depending how you intend to view/process your results. If you are relying on SMS to display your results, you will find that SMS cannot load *.dat results with a file size greater than 1.5GB.


You can manage your output file size in a number of ways:

  1. Using SMS:
    1. Manage the number of output times (command: output interval == t (sec))
    2. Use the TUFLOW Utility, Res_to_Res.exe to create a smaller dat file derived from a reduced time series of the larger *.dat results. Refer to RES_to_RES processing option “RANGE”:  http://fvwiki.tuflow.com/index.php?title=RES_to_RES#Range
  2. Use output types which do not rely on SMS:
    1. command: output == netcdf
    2. command: output == points

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