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Jesper Nielsen

How to view wave vectors in Matlab

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When I look at the waves within a simulation I like to view the wave heights overlain with wave vectors. The magnitude of the vectors is the WVHT output and the direction the WVDIR output (cartesian convention). A neat way to do this is to use the "Expression" property of a fvg_sheetvec object.



% create the control object

fvcObj = fvgraphics;

% visualise the wave heights

sheetObj = fvg_sheet(fvcObj,'mymodel.nc','Variables','WVHT'); 

% create the expression which defines the x-component and then the y-component of your vectors. The x-component must come first

expression{1} = 'WVHT.*cosd(WVDIR)';

expression{2} = 'WVHT.*sind(WVDIR)';

% create the vector object

vecObj = fvg_sheetvec(fvcObj,'mymodel.nc','Expression',expression)

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