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The basic functionality has been successfully tested on MATLAB 2012a. There may be minor performance issues related to matlab's overhauling of several simple functions for efficiency though.

MATLAB 2011 may cause problems with some of the netcdf functions, which can be made backwards compatible if it is absolutely required. MATLAB version 2010b was the first matlab with netcdf-4 compatibility, so prior to that many functions will fail.

Some of the extra add-on functions, for example creating video files, may have comptaibility issues, and limitations in file types, data format types and the input specifications required. Everything has been confirmed on MATLAB 2013a and above.

If anyone has specific compatibility issues please post them here.

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Hi Toby

I have errors when using the code 'ts_000_create_profile_file_WQ ' (tutorial provided by tuflow fv) in Matlab 2013b.

It says:

Undefined function 'fv_create_profiles' for input arguments of type 'cell'.

Error in ts_000_create_profile_file_WQ (line 38)

When I use it in Matlab 2019b it works. Could this error because of matlab version issue?

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Hi Xixi,
We have not compatibility tested the full toolbox on Matlab 2013b in quite some time. I can confirm that it works on 2017b - onward at this stage with certainty.
However, that error makes it appear as though it is to do with the input datatype. It appears that one of the inputs is a cell array which is not expected.  Its possible that whatever script is calling this function is treating variables in a different way in 2013b compared to 2019b. 

Do you require 2013b for a particular reason? or are you able to proceed using 2019b (or later)?

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