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H.D. Fanai

Merging the triangles during mesh generation

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 During the process of  converting the "map" into "mesh" and merging some of the triangles,  SMS (11.2.11) removes some arcs ( to merge the triangles) but remains a few nodes which are related to the removed arcs. The nodes are eventually just connecting two arcs and will result in error in Tuflow as they create some invalid elements in the mesh.

previously I had the same issue but it resolved when I used an older SMS version ( Can't recall what version I had at that time) Would you please advise which versions of SMS could be used? or alternatively if there is any other way to fix this issue.









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Hi Hamid,

I have not come across this issue that I can recall, and I am using version 11.2.8 currently. Can you please post a screen grab of what this looks like before and after the change?


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